Setting up ROBOTC for the MATRIX Controller

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1) Before you start using your Matrix controller with ROBOTC, you will need to make sure that the platform type is set to ‘LEGO NXT + TETRIX/MATRIX’ under the ‘Robot -> Platform Type’ menu.
MATRIX Platform Type.png
2) Next, you will need to ensure that your program is set up to use the MATRIX controller configuration used by your robot. To do this, open the ‘Robot -> Motors and Sensors Setup’ window.
Motors and Sensors Select.png
3) Navigate to the ‘External Controllers’ tab and select the ‘Standard Matrix Configuration. This will set the robot up for one MATRIX controller plugged into Sensor Port 1 of the NXT brick.
MATRIX Standard Configuration.png
4) If you wish to use a different setup, select the ‘Custom Configuration’ option. This will allow you to manually configure which NXT ports have a Matrix controller attached to them via the drop-down menu options.
MATRIX Custom Setup.png