Setting up the Matrix Controller - Motors

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1) Once the Matrix controllers are configure in the ‘External Controllers’ section of the Motors and Sensors Setup window, you will next need to configure the individual motors plugged into the MATRIX Controller. This can be done by navigating to the ‘Motors’ tab.
MATRIX Motors Tab.png
2) By default, ROBOTC assigns the names “motorA” to the motor plugged into the NXT’s motor A port, “motorB” to the motor plugged into motor port B, and “motorC” to the motor plugged into motor port C. The four MATRIX ports are assigned the names “motorD”, “motorE”, “motorF”, and “motorG” in respect to ports 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the MATRIX controller.
MATRIX Rename Motors.png
3) To change these names to something that is easier to reference, simply replace the appropriate motor name with your own custom name. In this example, the ‘motorD’ name is replaced with a ‘frontLeftDrive’ motor name. When naming your motors in ROBOTC, make sure to follow these basic naming rules.
MATRIX Rename Motors2.png
4) One or more of the motors may need to be ‘reversed’ if the motor is running opposite of the desired direction. To do this, simply check the ‘reversed’ check box and ROBOTC will make the changes to that motor in your program.
MATRIX Motors Reversed.png
5) The ‘Encoder’ check box should be checked for each motor that has encoders installed, and the PID checkbox should be checked for each motor that will be utilizing PID control. Each check box will enable its respective features.
MATRIX Motors Encoders.png
MATRIX Motors PID.png