Setting up the Matrix Controller - Servos

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1) The Sensors tab in the Motors and Sensors Setup window can be used to set up and configure individual servos. ROBOTC automatically names the servos numerically starting at servo port 1(servo1) to the maximum number of servos that are configured (in this example, four servos total are used, with the last servo being 'servo4').
MATRIX Servo Overview.png
2) If there is more than one Matrix controller set up and in use, the Motors and Sensors setup window will reflect the additional controllers with additional servos (starting at the lowest numbered sensor port being used).
MATRIX Servo Additional.png
3) To change the Servo names to something easier to reference, simply replace the appropriate servo name with a custom name. In this example, the ‘servo1’ name is replaced with a ‘wristServo’ servo name. When giving servos custom names in ROBOTC, make sure to follow these basic naming rules. Note that each servo's type (either the‘Standard Servo’ type or ‘Continuous Rotation’ type) will need to be selected from the drop down list.
MATRIX Servo Name.png