NXT Program Chooser




[edit] The Program Chooser

The Program Chooser is a sample program in ROBOTC that allows users to assign programs on the NXT brick for tele-op use. Because autonomous programs are chosen before the start of an FTC match, the program chooser enables mixing-and-matching of programs and helps users account for game variables such as start location, alliance members, opposing alliance members, game object positions, etc before a match starts.

To use the Program Chooser, users must first compile and download any autonomous and tele-op programs they wish to be able to choose from to the NXT brick. Then the Program Chooser must be opened, compiled, and downloaded to the NXT. It can be found by navigating to the File->Open Sample Program->FIRST Tech Challenge folder and selecting 'Program Chooser.c'

NXT ProgChooser Open.png

[edit] Using the Program Chooser

The Program Chooser is used to select a program that is loaded on an NXT brick and set it as the 'Tele-op' program for FTC competitions. This will create and save a 'FTCConfig.txt' text file on the NXT. The Field Control System (FCS) will then look for that program when the game switches from autonomous to tele-op, and will run the program whose name is stored inside of it.

Run the Program Chooser from the NXT, making sure your tele-op program is already loaded onto the NXT brick.

Program Chooser New.png

The Program Chooser will then allow you to choose which program will be run in the tele-op portion of the match. Once a program is chosen, the Program Chooser will make the necessary changes to the FTCConfig.txt file and end the program.

Program Chooser Tele.png

NXT ProgChooser Success.png

When the program is run in an FTC match, the user will choose a program to run for autonomous and whichever program was chosen with the Program Chooser will be run in the user control stage. This can be tested by using the Joystick Control - Competition debug window.
You can also check to see if the 'FTCConfig.txt' file was created properly by navigating to the 'Robot -> NXT Brick -> File Management Utility' in ROBOTC (with the NXT attached and turned on) and changing the drop menu at the top of the window to 'Select Text Files'.

Program Chooser Text.png