The Samostat Program

The sample “Samostat” program can be used to check the connection status of a Samantha Module connected to an NXT brick. The program works by constantly checking the Samantha module for connection status. When the module gets connected to a network, the NXT brick will display the network information on its LCD screen.
To use the Samostat program, you first need to configure the Samantha Module for use with your NXT and network. Samostat is a sample program under the 'Samantha Module' folder so it can be found by navigating to 'File->Open Sample Program'.

Samostat Sample Open.png

Once the program is opened, it needs to be compiled, downloaded, and ran on the NXT. It will then automatically start to search for the network via the Samantha Module. During this time, the NXT will display “Acquiring”. Once it finds the network the module is set up for, the screen will display relevant information including an IP address.

NXT Samostat Acquiring.png

The IP address displayed can then be entered into a web browser that is connected to the same network in order to display more detailed network information.

Network Page.jpg