ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS -  Compiling and Downloading Programs  

Now that we have the correct platform type selected and a sample program loaded, it's time to compile and download it to the robot.
Prerequisite: Make sure that your NXT is connected to your computer via USB and is powered on with a fully charged battery.
1. If you plan on making any changes to the sample program you will need to save a copy of it first (this way any changes to the program will be made to the copy and the original will remain intact). To do this, navigate to the 'File' menu option and select 'Save As'. Select where you want to save the program, give it a name, and click 'Save'. ROBOTC will now save any changes you make to the program to the copy instead of the sample program file.

2. Once you have saved your program, navigate to the Robot menu and select the "Compile and Download" option. A progress bar will pop up showing the compilation/download process. 

3. After the program has finished downloading the progress bar will disappear and be replaced by a debug window. This is the window used to control when the program starts and ends. To start the program simply click the 'Start' button and  when you wish to stop the program (assuming it hasn't ended itself automatically), you can click the 'Stop' button.

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