ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS - Download Firmware - NXT and TETRIX  

ROBOTC requires a different firmware from other programming languages available for the NXT. This firmware is what unlocks most of the advanced functionality found in ROBOTC. You must update the firmware on any NXT that has different firmware on it or ROBOTC will not compile to it properly.
You can update the firmware on the NXT directly from the ROBOTC application.

Prerequisite: Make sure that your NXT is connected to your computer via USB and is powered on with a fully charged battery. You may also need Administrator privileges to install the firmware on the NXT, even if the NXT drivers are already installed on the computer.

1. Open the "Robot" menu and select "Download Firmware->Standard File." The number inside of the parentheses is the current firmware version and may change as ROBOTC is updated.

2. As long as NXT is selected as the platform type (and not PIC/Cortex or Arduino), the NXT Brick Download window should pop up. The first button, Refresh Lists (top right) is used to recheck for NXT bricks that were not recognized by ROBOTC during its initial scan. The second button, Rename NXT, allows users to give their NXT bricks a unique name (maximum of 15 characters). The third button, F/W Download, is the one used to download the firmware to a NXT brick.


3. To start downloading firmware, make sure the NXT brick is selected and then click the "F/W Download Button." As the firmware is downloading, your NXT will shut itself off and turn itself back on (you may also hear a soft clicking noise during this process). Do not turn off or in any way power down the NXT during this process. Once the firmware has been successfully downloaded, you will see "Firmware download completed" on the NXT Brick Download screen under the "Message Log" area. The NXT is now ready to be used with ROBOTC.

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