ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS - Joystick Controller Station  

ROBOTC has two different Joystick Control options built  into the interactive debugger. "Joystick Control - Basic" is a debugger window to control the NXT via a Logitech USB remote control. "Joystick Control - Game " is a full featured Controller Station which is used mainly for FIRST Tech Challange and other competitions that are NXT or TETRIX/MATRIX based.

"Joystick Control - Basic"

You can use joystick controllers in ROBOTC by:

Once the Joystick Control window is opened, ROBOTC will look for any joysticks attached to your computer via USB. You can choose which joystick you want to robot to be controlled with by changing the joystick under the available drop-down menu. If you have no joysticks available, this list will be empty and ROBOTC will alert you that you have "No Controllers Configured". If ROBOTC does not recognize your joystick for any reason, unplug then plug the joystick back and select "Refresh List"

You can see what data is being generated by the Joystick Station by looking at the X1, Y1, POV, X2, Y2 and Buttons display directly below the dropdown menu. This will give you realtime feedback of what values are being sent to your NXT from the Joystick Station. This data will also be illustrated with white dots to reflect the values and button presses on the joystick display.

ROBOTC will send joystick data to your NXT over USB, Bluetooth, or wireless only when the Joystick Control window is opened.

"Joystick Control - Game"

There is a second Joystick Control window called "Joystick Control - Game".  This window is specifically designed to emulate the FIRST Tech Challenge game mode. To test your FTC competition programs, you can use the Joystick Control - Game window to mimic what the Field Management System will do. This includes switching between Autonomous and User Control, changing which alliance your robot is on and disabling (or pausing) your robot. These commands can be found on the right side of the Joystick Station.

To open the Joystick Control - Game window:

As you can see, the window has a few more options than the "Joystick Control - Simple" screen did. Each radio button corresponds to a different 'game mode':

There is also a drop menu called "Teleop Program Name" which allows you to select which program you want the NXT to run while in tele op (user control) mode.

If you would like to use two controllers, click the "Dual Joysticks" button to expand the Joystick Control window to facilitate two controllers. You can assign the same controller to both Primary and Secondary Joysticks, but this is not recommended.

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