The NXT Devices window provides access to current values for the motors and sensors on the NXT. The “More” button expands the window to provide controls that enable you to “write” to the sensors and motors to setup their initial configuration.

Note: This screen is very similar to the "Poll Brick" window found in the ROBOTC debugger, and different versions of the screen are available for other platforms supported by ROBOTC.

Refresh Once
Update all of the values on the NXT Devices screen only once per button click.

Poll Continuously/Stop Polling
Updaes all of the values on the NXT Devices screen continuously until the "Stop Polling" button is pressed.

Motor Section:
Motor - Which motor the row of information refers to.
Speed - The current speed set by the NXT to the motor.
PID - If speed control is enabled, this is the actual speed of the motor (different from the "set" speed)
Mode - The configuration the motor is currently set to. (On, Off, Float, Brake)

Regulate - The current regulation mode the motor is in (none, speed regulated, encoder regulated, etc.)
Run State - The current state of the motor, either "Running" or "Idle." Idle draws signifigantly less battery power.
Tach (Encoder) User - Encoder count value that is total under user control (this variable is able to be reset.)
Tach (Encoder) Move - Amount you told the encoder to move.
Tach (Encoder) Limit - Value to stop when you ask the program to stop at a specific position.
Tach (Encoder) Total - Total Encoder count since program started.

Sensor Section:
Sensor - Which sensor the row of information refers to.
Type - The current sensor type the sensor port is defined as.
Mode - The type of normalized data the sensor should return. (Raw, Percentage, Counts, etc.)
Value - The value of the normalized sensor.
Raw - The raw value of what the sensor is returning.
A-to-D - The value received from the Analog to Digital (A-to-D) converter on the brick. May differ from raw values if using advanced I2C sensors.

Variable Section:
Sync Type - The Sync Setting the NXT is currently set to (SyncAB, SyncAC, SyncBA, etc.)
Sync Turn - The Sync Ratio the NXT is currently set to.
Battery - The current voltage level of the battery.
Sleep Time - The current setting of the sleep timer on the NXT .
Volume - The level the internal speaker volume is set to.

More/Advanced Display

Motor Section:
Speed - Set the speed of the motor manually. (-100 to +100)
Target Rot - Set a rotation target for the built-in encoders to reach and then stop.
Mode - Change the mode of the motors (Brake, Float, On, Off)
Reg - Enable Speed Regulation on that motor.

PID Factors:
P - Set the P (proportional) value of the selected motor.
I - Set the I (integral) value of the selected motor.
D - Set the D (derivative) value of the selected motor.
Factor Type - Choose between speed or encoder for the factor type for PID control.

Sensor Section:
Type - Manually change the type of the sensor on the labeled sensor port.
Mode - Manually change the mode of the sensor on the labeled sensor port.

Encoder Reset:
User Reset - Clears out the user-definable encoder values.
Tacho Reset - Clears out the system 'tachometer' not normally changeable by the user.

Reset Devices - Resets all motors and sensors to their default values.

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