ROBOTC for Arduino - Program Debugging  

ROBOTC has debugging capabilities that enables unparalleled interactive real-time access to the robot as your program is running. This has the potential to significantly reduce the time it takes to find and correct errors in your programs. With ROBOTC's debugger you can:
  • Start and stop your program execution from the PC
  • “Single step” through your program executing one line of code at a time and examining the results (i.e. the values of variables) and the flow of execution.
  • Define ''breakpoints'' in your code that will cause program execution to be suspended when they are reached during program execution
  • Read and write the values of all the variables defined in your program
  • Read the write the values of motors and sensors.

There are no restrictions on the number of debugger windows that can be simultaneously opened. However, each window does require the PC to communicate with the robot controller to refresh its data. The more windows that are open, the more data transmission required for the refreshing activity.

To compensate for this, ROBOTC has been optimized to minimize refresh times. Typically only one or two messages are required to refresh each window; this is valuable on the robot controllers that have a “slow” communications channel between the robot and the PC.

You can customize how often the debugger windows update values by closing unused windows and also shrinking the debugger windows to show less information. The debugger will not update values that are not visible on the screen, minimizing how much "data" must be sent from the robot to the PC.

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