ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS - Program Debug  

The Program Debug window appears every time you download a program to your robot controller. Closing it will close the connection between your computer and the robot controller , along with any other open debug windows.


The Start button will start the program execution on your robot controller.

The Suspend button will suspend (pause) the program execution on your robot controller.

Step Into
The Step Into button will execute the next command in your program.

Step Over
The Step Over button will execute an entire function in your program.

Step Out
The Step Out button will step the program execution out of a function in your code.

Clear All
The Clear All button will reset all of the values being displayed by the other debug windows.

The Stop button will stop the program execution on your robot controller. It only appears after a program has been started.

There are three options under the 'Refresh' drop down menu:

  • Paused - This pauses the debugger and holds whatever values the current program has.
  • Continuous - This continually updates the debugger windows with new values.
  • Snapshot - If the debugger is paused, this will update the debugger values one time, taking a 'snapshot' of the robot's motor and sensor values.

The Program Debug window can also be opened manually by going to the Robot menu and selecting "Open Debugger Manually".

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