ROBOTC for Arduino - Function Library  

The Function Library panel is an extremely useful tool in ROBOTC that provides three main features:

1. The Function Library panel provides a listing of all the platform-specific functions available in ROBOTC at your user level, along with any compiled user-defined functions. The functions are broken categorized by type to make it easier to find a specific function (example: the Bluetooth commands and functions are found under the 'Bluetooth' submenu).

2. Items from the panel can be dragged and dropped into programs. This helps eliminates the need for remembering every specific command in ROBOTC and instead gives a users access to every possible command and function in ROBOTC with just a few clicks  (depending on which menu level is set; Super User has access to all functions).

3. If the mouse is hovered over an item, a 'tool-tip' popup will display a brief description of the item. Again, this helps eliminate the need to memorize every aspect of  ROBOTC and instead allows users to focus on the actual program flow and logic.


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