ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS - File Management  

The File Management  window is for managing files on the NXT brick.

The left half of this window contains a list of the files found on the NXT. Clicking on a column title will cause the list to be sorted in ascending order based on the contents of that column. You can also sort the list by choosing a file type (icon files, sound files, user programs, etc) from the drop down menu. ROBOTC will then filter out all programs that don't meet the file type criteria.

You can select one or more items from the list by Shift+Clicking or Ctrl+Clicking. Based on the types of items selected, the buttons on the right of the screen will be selectively enabled/disabled.

Run / Play
Used to run a program or play a sound file. Applies to the selected file.
Used to stop execution of a program or playback of a sound file.
Copies the selected files from the NXT to PC
Copies files from the PC to the NXT. You will be prompted to select one (or more) files from the PC to transfer.
Defragment File System
As files are added and deleted from the NXT there may be gaps in the flash memory storage that are too small to use for a new file. The “Defragment” command will eliminate the gaps between files by reorganizing the existing files.

Refresh Files
Refreshes the list of files on the NXT.

Delete File
Deletes the selected file from the NXT's memory.

Delete All Files
Delete all files from the NXT's memory.

Create Image
Creates a firmware image file from the contents of the NXT flash memory. These image files can then be downloaded to another NXT and will have exactly the same files.

Used to compress the selected sound files on the NXT. Compressed files take about half the size of regular sound files.

Rename Robot
Allows users to rename their NXT brick.

Provides detailed info on the selected files – i.e. exact size and type. Information is displayed in the “Message Log” window.

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