ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS - Communication Link Setup  

The NXT Communication Link Setup window (under the Robot menu) is used to connect and disconnect to NXT bricks through USB, Bluetooth (BT) or Wireless.

The window in the top left shows NXT bricks that are connected via USB to the computer. It shows the custom name given to the NXT (under Brick, named 'NXT' by default) and the address given to the NXT.

Underneath the USB window is the Bluetooth and wireless window. This shows all of the NXT bricks that are connected via the NXT's built-in Wifi or through a wireless module such as the Samantha Module.

To the right, there are several buttons:

Finally, above the buttons is the connection history window. This shows recently connected NXT bricks as well as their addresses and how they connected. The first letters before the '::' in the address denote how that brick was connected. USB connections show USB0, Bluetooth connections show BTH, and wireless connections show WIFI. 

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