ROBOTC for Arduino - Code Editor  

The ROBOTC Code Editor provides visual assistance during programming through the use of line numbers and color coding.

Normal Text is displayed as black text. Normal text is used for variable and function names that are user-defined and not recognized by the compiler as reserved words.

Comments are displayed as green text . Comments are text in a program prefaced with a// or surrounded by a /* * / . This "commented text" is not considered code and is ignored when the compiler generates byte-code to send to the robot controller.

Reserved Words/Pre-Defined Functions (int, motor) are displayed as blue text . These are words that are 'reserved' by ROBOTC and have special meaning; because of this, they cannot be used as names for variables, functions, etc.

Constants and Parameters (50, motor1) are displayed as dark red text .

Operators (+, -, *, {, <, [, etc.) are displayed as light red text .

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