ROBOTC for Arduino - Error Display  

When you compile your code, the ROBOTC compiler analyzes it to identify syntax errors, capitalization and spelling mistakes, and code inefficiency such as unused variables and redundant code. The ROBOTC compiler also has a powerful code optimizer that can shrink your program size by up to 50% before sending it to the robot (to preserve memory space on your controller).

The Error display screen reports the amount and types of errors in your code. Double-clicking a compiler message in the Error display screen will highlight the relevant line of code in your program. The "Previous", "Select", and "Next" buttons can also be used to cycle through and manually select the errors in your program.

Depending on the type of error, ROBOTC will only be able to highlight the approximate location of the error. For instance, in the example below the missing semicolon is on line 4, but ROBOTC highlights the error as being on line 5.

ROBOTC generates three types of compiler messages:Errors, Warnings and Information Statements (shown here on a black background for clarity purposes).

ROBOTC has found an issue while compiling your program that prevented it from compiling. These are usually misspelled words, missing semicolons, and improper syntax. Errors are denoted with a Red X.

ROBOTC has found a minor issue with your program, but the compiler was able to fix or ignore it to get your code to compile. These are usually incorrect capitalizations of words or infinite loops without any code inside. Warnings are denoted with a Yellow X .

ROBOTC will generate information messages when it thinks you have declared functions or variables that are not used in your program. These messages have no affect on your program and only serve the purpose of informing you about inefficient programming. Information messages are denoted with a 
White X .

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