ROBOTC for Arduino - Robot  

The Robot menu provides access to all of the tools available for interaction with your robot controller. Downloading programs, firmware, and launching the various debug windows are done through this menu.

You can also change which platform ROBOTC is set for and configure sensors and motors for that specific platform.

Compile and Download Program
Downloads the current program to the robot controller. ROBOTC will automatically recompile the program before downloading if the program has changed since it was last compiled.

Compile Program
Compiles the current program without downloading it to the robot controller. This is useful for testing if your code will compile without actually having the controller attached to the computer.

Compiler Target
Download your program to either a Physical Robot, PC Simulator, or a Virtual World.

  • Physical Robot: This option tells ROBOTC to download and compile the program to a physical robot attached to the computer.
  • PC-Based Emulator: This option tells ROBOTC to compile the program and emulate its results on the computer without downloading it to a physical robot. Good for debugging purposes.
  • Virtual Worlds: This option tells ROBOTC to compile the program and emulate it in the Virtual World specified in the Window tab.

Debug Windows
Allows you to toggle which Debug Windows are visible, only available if a connection has been established between your computer and the robot controller. Some of the debugger windows are specific to each platform.

(Expert Mode) Debug Windows will display values in hexadecimal format.

Platform Type
Allows you to specify which robot controller you're developing programs for. ROBOTC will customize the its interface, the available functions, and options available based on the Platform Type. Programming in the wrong Platform Type may cause compilation errors.

Motors and Sensors Setup
Opens the Motors and Sensor Setup window which allows you to configure your specific robot's motor and sensor configuration. Also used to select pre-designed models (REMBOT, TEXTRIX Mantis, etc) and to set up I2C sensors. See more information here.

Download Firmware
Downloads the ROBOTC VM firmware to the current platform. An up-to-date version of ROBOTC should display the most current firmware version in the field; users can also download other firmware through the 'Choose File' option.

Test Communication Link
(Expert Mode) Used to poll the NXT brick constantly to debug connection status. Has a variety of options that can be configured for specific polling options.

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