ROBOTC for Arduino - Preferences - Basic  

The Preferences window allows you to modify platform-related and connection settings. In order to get to the Preferences window, simply click on the View menu, and select "Preferences".

You have two different sets of preferences that you can access: Basic and Expert. This corresponds with which "Window" mode you are currently in.

View Menu - Basic Mode:

Preferences - Basic Mode:

You can choose the platform you are using in this drop-down menu.

Power Down Delay
This setting adjusts the time it takes for the brick to automatically power down. The ROBOTC preference is set to "Do Not Update" by default, which means ROBOTC will not override the setting you've manually set via the NXT's on-brick interface.

First Choice: Connect to Any NXT Connected via USB
Checking this box allows ROBOTC to communicate with any NXT brick that's connected to the computer with the USB cable.

Second Choice: Connect to Last NXT that was Connected
If an NXT isn't found (A brick isn't connected via USB to the computer) then ROBOTC will attempt to connect to the previous NXT by USB, and then the previous Bluetooth contact by default.
You can set ROBOTC to only connect via USB, or not check for the previous NXT.

Third Choice: Check other Possible Connections
If the previous NXT isn't found, then ROBOTC will again attempt to just find any NXT connect to the computer through USB or Bluetooth.
You can also set it to check again for any NXTs connected through Bluetooth, perform a manual selection, or not check again for another connection.

Show Splash Screen on Startup
This setting toggles whether or not you wish to be greeted by the ROBOTC info splash page on startup.  You can adjust how long the splash screen remains open by entering the amount of seconds in "Splash Screen Display Time".

Open Last Project on Startup
Toggle wheter or not ROBOTC should automatically open the last project when it starts up.

Check For Updates on Startup
If this option is checked, ROBOTC will attempt to check for updates via the internet every 7 days. 


Multi-Robot Operation Enabled
Toggle whether or not ROBOTC should enable multi-robot operation. 

Wireless Link Technology Type
Choose how the robots will communicate.  Currently ROBOTC supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee radios.

Wireless Communcations Port
Select which port to use for communcating with the robot(s). 

Store Complete Network Information in user file via "#pragma config"
Select this if you'd like to save your setup for future use. 


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