ROBOTC for Arduino - Toolbar  

The Toolbar provides a convenient way to access frequently used commands in ROBOTC. It can be broken down into individual icons, as seen in the table below.

New (Ctrl - N) - Creates a new blank program.

Open (Ctrl - O) - Opens an existing program.

Save (Ctrl - S) - Saves your current program. Your program is automatically saved when your code is compiled.

Save All (Ctrl - Shift - S) - Saves all open programs.

Cut (Ctrl - X) - Removes highlighted code and places it on the Windows Clipboard. Copy (Ctrl - C) - Creates a copy of the currently highlighted code on the Windows Clipboard.
Paste (Ctrl - V) - Places a copy the contents of the Windows Clipboard onto the code editor window at the current cursor position. Print (Ctrl - P) - Prints out the code currently in the code editor window.
Undo (Ctrl - Z) - Reverts the last action taken in the code editor window. Undoes are discarded when the code is saved. Redo (Ctrl - Y) - The opposite of Undo. Only available if an Undo command was recently used.
Errors - Shows or hides the compiler error output.
Find (Ctrl - F) - Finds the specified text. Find All (Ctrl - Shift - F) - Finds all occurances of the specified text in all source files.
Decrease Indent - Indents the selection text left one tab stop Increase Indent - Indents the selection text right one tab stop
Format Whole File Format Whole File (Ctrl - Shift - Alt - F) - Reformats the entire file, aligning all indents and braces. Toggle Comment Toggle Comment (Ctrl - Q) - This will either comment or un-comment the selected lines of code.
Comment Line(s) Comment Line(s) (Ctrl - Shift - Q) - This will add "//" to the selected lines, commenting them out. Un-Comment Line(s) Un-Comment Line(s) (Ctrl - Alt - Q) - Removes "//" from the selected lines, un-commenting them.
Toggle Bookmark (Ctrl - F2) - Inserts or removes a bookmark. Clear Bookmarks (Ctrl - Shift - F2) - Clears all bookmarks in the current file.
Next Bookmark (F2) - Goes to the next bookmark. Previous Bookmark (Shift - F2) - Goes to the previous bookmark.
Start - Start the execution of a program. Stop - Stop the execution of a program.
Resume - Resume the execution of a program. Suspend - Suspend the execution of a program.
Step In - Step the debugger into the current statement. Step Over - Step the debugger over the current statement.
Step Out - Step the debugger out of the current function. Step - Step the debugger one statement.



























You can configure which sections of the Toolbar are visible by going to the "View" menu and selecting "Toolbars...":

Or by right-clicking on the Toolbar. If you select the customize option, you can further personalize the ROBOTC interface to suit your specific needs.

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