ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS - Activating RVW  

Once ROBOTC/Virtual Worlds is downloaded and installed on the computer it must be activated. This can be done directly through the ROBOTC interface as long as the computer has a valid internet connection.

1. Open ROBOTC and navigate to the Help menu. From there, select 'Manage Licenses->Add License'. If you do not already have a Virtual Worlds license, you can purchase one by clicking the 'Purchase License' option

 2. From the Manage License menu, select the 'Add License' button. This will bring up a 'Add New ROBOTC License' window. 

3. From here you must first select which type of license you have, and then enter your License ID and Password (to see the password characters as you type, uncheck the 'mask' checkbox). Once the information is entered, click 'Activate Online' to activate the product. If you have multiple licenses, simply repeat the process. You can also start a trial of any version of ROBOTC by selecting the program you'd wish to try and clicking "Start Trial".


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